humph. This song is called Every Lie by My Darkest Days

Last i checked you’re ex girlfriend’s kid wasn’t yours. Last I checked my best friend’s were. Thought you finally manned up, were gonna take care of my girls. Looks like you fooled her and in turn fooled me. I ever hear you try coming back to her..You better be prepared to see me in your place.

flutters of wings grace my face

hidden under the darkness of the moon

glowing softly

shining like a star

the butterflies dance among the creatures of the night

standing on the hill side

dancing to a song as old as time

whispers are exchanged

words of love

words of pain

neither knew

neither prepared for this sudden rush

falling gracefully from the sky

the dancing butterflies

their glowing our only light

so random babble thought..

So i used to always imagine proposing a girl with ring of her choosing, but how do you know what the ring is? you want to be able to surprise the girl correct? how do you do that without giving it away? instead, when i do finally find that someone. i’m going to give her a diamond key. proving she has my heart and that key opens it. then while looking at other jewelry or some other nonsense. if she finds a ring that calls out to her; i’m going to buy it. instead of a box; i’m going to put it in a snitch. take her out to dinner, give her the snitch with a note attached to it saying, i open with a kiss. (hopefully she kisses me and not the snitch just saying) opens the snitch to find the ring of her dreams and i will get down on one knee in front of the entire crowd of people at dinner, propose to her, ask her to spend the rest of her life with me, the fool who is lucky enough to share even a single moment with her in his life.

well…atleast that is how I hope it goes about. :)

a maiden’s beauty

roses may be red

violets may be blue

but how can any of them

compare to you?

your eyes are like the stars

that shine brightly

brighter than even the moon

you’re dazzling the room

as soon as you enter

all is silent

for no one wants to whisper

not even to hush

sweet dazzling princess

where have you been?

hiding away

or kept secret from us

for thousands of years

how does one compare?

this beauty to any flower

a maiden so fair

that even the gods dare not scare

rise from the ashes

fallen brethren

rise from the ashes

my brothers and sisters

rise from the hate

breathe in deep

feel the call in your soul

rise above the anger

feel the call from your heart

A Chance We Didn’t Have

we promised each other

we’d never give up on us

that we’d see each other soon

to have that summer romance

we’ve been dreaming about forever

planning for a life time

of romantic get a ways and rain showers

please just remember

we’ll always love one another

life had a different agenda

he’s calling you now

to bless his halls

one heartbeat later

you left the world

never had a chance

to say good bye

a chance to say i love you

friends ask if something’s wrong

as they watch tears fall down my face

you left this world

but you’re still in my heart

you’re a star in the sky

an angel in purity

watching over those who loved you.

Sunset, romance, the beach? oh yeah perfect seduction attempt there ;)

Sunset, romance, the beach? oh yeah perfect seduction attempt there ;)

Can We Rewind Time?

Can we rewind time?

would it be possible just for a second to see that one person you miss the most smile at you one last time?

feel them in your arms just for a second?

have their scent drugging you to the point of delirium?

If we could, then the people we have lost would be back in our lives.

life goes on, but the memory stays.

The way her hair glistens in the setting rays.

how her eyes sparkle like the stars in the midnight sky.

remembering all of this.

only helps me realize how much was ripped away.

taken by the cruel hands of fate.

so young and full of life.

the only light in this cold dismal place.

snuffed out like a flame in the howl of the winter’s breeze.

Can we rewind time to the place where it first started?

where we began to tumble down this crazy hill called love?

your hand in mine with the free fall screaming through our hearts

no matter how long your memory is tattooed on my heart.